Laptop Desktop Solution Details

We are living in a digital world and using digital devices. Mostly used digital devices are mobile phones, laptop, and desktop. Basically, laptop and desktop are commonly used for a professional purpose. But people use it for gaming and entertainment purpose also. In professional or personal usages we required best Laptop Desktop Solution for the operating system.

Laptop Desktop solution

The most common operating system in laptops is windows.

Windows is an operating system created by the leading operating system company Microsoft. It has its Best Laptop Desktop solution for the operating system. There are many other operating systems on the market.  Linux operating system mainly used by coders, Microsoft operating system and Mac Os of Apple laptops. These are the top used operating system worldwide.

Top Computer Companies Support Details.


  1. Acer Customer Service Number
  2. Apple Customer Service Number
  3. Asus Customer Service Number
  4. Dell Customer Service Number
  5. HP Customer Service Number
  6. Lenovo Customer Service Number
  7. Microsoft Customer Service Number

Windows Operating System ( Microsoft)


Microsoft has changed the world with its best and user-friendly operating system. Some of the qualities of the Windows is its user interface with the best Laptop Desktop solution for the operating system.

The all-time favorite and world top-rated interface of Microsoft is Windows 7. One of the second best was windows XP, it has changed the workflow in all corporate and government offices. Its Latest version is Windows 10. It is the biggest player in the world operating system market. Microsoft holds 81.73% world market share worldwide which is a big share.

On 20th November 1985, Microsoft first introduced its system named MS-DOS. Basic motive was to grow interested in a Graphic user interface (GUIs)

Among all MS OS top, most used operating systems are,

  1. MS Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, MS Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Because it’s easy to use a system, it is the most popular system in the world. It has some demerits also, high virus attack rate and high hacking chances due to high virus accessibility. You can protect by using antivirus solutions like Avast Antivirus, Norton Antivirus and Mcafee Antivirus and many others.

Mac Os ( Macintosh)

Macintosh OS X was initially presented as the tenth imp version of Apple’s OS for Macintosh PCs; the current version of Mac OS holds the real form number “10”. Earlier Macintosh OS (forms of the great Mac OS) was named utilizing Arabic numerals.

According to the latest survey this year 2018 Mac Os holds 13.18% of market share worldwide. Apple products are expensive yet very safe to use. Apple products have some quite good advantage then the windows system.  Virus attacking rate in apple Os is very low according to other systems. Apple has some latest popular products with great features. Some of the Products are Apple MacBook Pro and  Apple MacBook  Air.

MacBook Pro and MacBook air come in many variants. It has different Display size, memory size, Ram (Random Access Memory) Size along with the different price. On the other side, it has its best Laptop Desktop solution for the operating system.


There is always a war between Windows and Mac lovers. It is very clear that Mac is expensive than Windows. But we cannot neglect the fact that windows are the world biggest capital shareholder of 81.73% worldwide. Reason being it is less in price and easy to use.


We have different opinions of people about both systems who are in the different profession. Some say Mac interfaces are best for professional use, some say Windows gives more authorities to the user. But in Real fact Calculation, it all depends on the usages and budget of the user. Both of the systems have the best Laptop Desktop solution for the operating system. They are keen to provide the best quality customer service to their user’s worldwide.


Market share of top 5 Operating systems,

  1. Windows         –  73%
  2. Mac                 – 13.18%
  3. Unknown        – 2.45%
  4. Linux               – 1.66%
  5. Chrome Os     – 0.98%

Some of the Unknown operating systems are also good in terms of usages. They too have great Laptop Desktop solution for an operating system, but they are specially used for the limited purpose. One of the systems is the Linux OS is the best choice for coders. Linux is an everywhere around us, in our home appliances, smartphones, and many electronic devices. It was in the market from the mid-90’S and has developed itself to serve the industry of electronics.