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Avast is a famous cyber-security software company. Avast Customer service is a Czech multinational company that is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Avast has more than 400 million worldwide users and has the highest shares in the market among the various anti-virus application and software companies. This company which was established in 1988 has now become a household name for the computer security services that they offer. Avast, formerly known as Alwii Software is a public sector company and serves on a worldwide scale. The company has over 1600 employees and is half owned by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera. Vincent Steckler is the present CEO, and this anti-malware company has yearly revenue of about US $714 million as accounted a couple of years back.

The PC Magazine rated Avast Antivirus with 8.8 out of 10 and explained how it is the best free antivirus providers and has many exclusive features. TechRadar also rated this software company with 4 out of 5. Their review praised the various features of this software like the configuration, easy interface and also the protection from malware function.

avast customer service number

Avast Customer Service

With fantastic products, Avast also avails their customer base with a robust customer service function. You can reach the Avast Antivirus tech support at the number 1-800-9169563. This is the Avast Antivirus support number. The customer service is handled by a group of efficient and expert in the technical field of the anti-malware dominion. They have a strong base of customer service provider who serves in shifts 24 hours throughout the year.

The Avast Antivirus and anti-malware aspect of the company has a beneficial customer and technical support that help in providing all the various queries and doubts that the clientele has and tries to help the customers in a detailed and straightforward manner. They are trained professionals who seek to avail you with all the necessary and required technical assistance. They can’t help you with the billing and order status issues. They can provide all forms of technical support but can’t assist with the order refund functions as well. They have a set of already answered questions and other such queries. When you are submitting an issue, it will be a smart move on both the parts if the customers can check whether or not their particular problem or issue has already been answered or not. This is an essential aspect that should be followed by the customer before submitting the customer technical support ticket.

The Avast customer service provides an elaborate list of how-to articles which can solve most of the queries. You can avail most of the information or technical assistance from this list of articles and often don’t even need to submit for support assistance. Avast customer service is a team of innovative individuals who have a stronghold of the products and its various features and flaws. They can help the customers by guiding them in a step-by-step manner this can enable even the most technically ignorant person to understand and sort the problem out of the product. They also provide screenshots to make the service more detailed and vivid.

You can reach the Avast Customer Service at 1-205-573-0271 and avail all the help in configuration, and even installation aspects. This popular company also has a robust and firm customer service.

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