How To Increase Computer Performance

How to increase Laptop Desktop performance?

Want to know how to increase Laptop Desktop performance? Read the complete article to boost up your pc performance.

Major problems come when you are preparing some files and it stopped suddenly. An application starts showing error (Not Responding) especially in word and excel, which is the most used apps in the computer.

In this Article, we will show you step by step procedure and tricks to know How To Increase Laptop Desktop Performance.

There are some small yet important steps to maintain your pc and run it smoothly. You should have an effective antivirus for your pc to protect it from external attacks of viruses. While choosing antivirus for your pc you need to keep some important notes in your mind. What type of work you do on your pc, that type of information you have on your pc. If you do an online transaction or use personal details over the internet, you should go for internet security for your pc.

Steps How To Increase Laptop Desktop Performance:-

First, you need to try the inbuilt troubleshooter to find the common error in your pc. Search for the temp files through a run box and delete it permanently.

Type %temp% and hit enter in the run box to open temp file folder.

How To Increase Laptop Desktop Performance

Second Step is to delete all the unwanted programs you never use. Such programs occupy unnecessary hard disk space. Such Apps also keep running in the background and slow down your pc.

There is a fact you should know while restarting your pc, all the installed programs start running once and settle down. But some of the programs keep running in the background. Limit your apps and programs runs in the background.

Another step is to delete your unnecessary data in your hard disk.

Run only those programs you use at the time. When you use multiple programs, it will you CPU memory and slow your Laptop/Desktop performance. Always try to use few programs at the same time.

We always want our display look attractive by using visual effects like live wallpapers, live desktop apps. It consumes CPU memory continually. Stop all live apps and live wallpaper.

Always turn off your pc when you are done with your work. Never turn off from power switch directly, instead always shutdown it properly.

Best and most important step:-

In order to know How To Increase Laptop Desktop Performance, you can increase your virtual memory by changing it.

How To Increase Laptop Desktop Performance

After reading the complete article, I believe now you know How To Increase Your Laptop Desktop Performance.






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